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Solar Energy, Soil Improvement and Environmental Protection

Hello! My name is Erin and this is my new energy and environmental care blog. I am a big believer in the responsibility of man to care for the environment. For too long, human beings have brought decay and destruction to the natural world. When I finally moved out of my parent's house last year, the first thing I wanted to do was to make sure my new home was an environmentally friendly as it could be. I called in a contractor who helped me to assess the quality of the soil, to install solar panels and to carry out an energy assessment rating on the property. Since then, my bills have fallen and my carbon footprint has shrunken in size. I learnt a lot during this process which I would like to share here.


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Solar Energy, Soil Improvement and Environmental Protection

    How to keep your commercial office hygienically clean

    Hygiene should be a top priority in any office environment; good hygiene and waste disposal practices not only help to prevent things like pest infestations, but also reduce the chances of employees becoming ill as a result of exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are two ways to ensure that your office remains hygienically clean at all times. Hire the correct number skip bins for your waste disposal requirements

    The Various Environmental Benefits of Bush Regeneration

    Not many people are aware of what bush regeneration is, yet it provides lots of benefits to the environment. Bush regeneration refers to the natural restoration of bushland infested with weeds or other unwelcome forms of degradation. If you are not familiar with the many environmental benefits that bush regeneration has to offer, you should continue reading on. It helps conserve habitats for native plants and animals. The principal goal of bush regeneration to breathe new life into degraded bushland by eliminating threats to the good health of indigenous plants and animals.

    Two ways to make your gardening activities more eco-friendly

    Gardening can be a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Here are two ways to ensure that your gardening activities have a positive impact on the environment. Create a compost bin instead of using chemical fertilisers Many people choose to use chemical fertilisers to provide the plants in their gardens with the nutrients they need to thrive and grow. However, the nitrogen found in most generic fertilisers can have a serious impact not only on the soil in your garden but also on the environment as a whole.

    Constituent Parts of a Properly Done Borehole

    You will never know how important water is until you go through a prolonged shortage. Water shortages will impair you from carrying out many productive activities such as farming, mining and construction. Thankfully, the ground has a reliable supply of groundwater that you can exploit and use by drilling boreholes, pumping and treating the harvested bore water so that it is suitable for the your specific use. If you have never drilled one, how will you tell if the borehole has built to the required standards?

    Dead Air: How Dust Can Ruin Your Air Con System

    It's easy to lose track of things like boiler and air conditioning maintenance.  Though it's recommended that you have them inspected at least once a year, the hustle and bustle of your life can often disguise how long it has been since you last hired a professional to take a look.  But how much of an impact does this actually have on your system?  Well - as it turns out, quite a big one.

    How to Determine How Much Your Scrap Metal Is Worth

    Is it time for a clean-up? You may be getting ready to sort out your storage space after many years of simply topping it up. You may have quite a lot of metal that you want to convert into cash and wonder how the value of this scrap is calculated. What are some of the key factors you have to take into consideration, when valuing your treasure? Quantity Is Key

    Five Safety Devices All Offices Need

    When you are conducting work on a building site or a production area, there are many devices that you might need to have nearby. However, offices are generally considered to be safe environments where things like hard hats and safety boots are not required. Nonetheless, all offices need certain safety systems and devices in order to make them places where administrative staff can work safely. If you are setting up an office or are considering what you need to do to make yours safer, then read on to discover the top five safety devices needed today.