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Hello! My name is Erin and this is my new energy and environmental care blog. I am a big believer in the responsibility of man to care for the environment. For too long, human beings have brought decay and destruction to the natural world. When I finally moved out of my parent's house last year, the first thing I wanted to do was to make sure my new home was an environmentally friendly as it could be. I called in a contractor who helped me to assess the quality of the soil, to install solar panels and to carry out an energy assessment rating on the property. Since then, my bills have fallen and my carbon footprint has shrunken in size. I learnt a lot during this process which I would like to share here.


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Solar Energy, Soil Improvement and Environmental Protection

How to Determine How Much Your Scrap Metal Is Worth

by Maurice Ruiz

Is it time for a clean-up? You may be getting ready to sort out your storage space after many years of simply topping it up. You may have quite a lot of metal that you want to convert into cash and wonder how the value of this scrap is calculated. What are some of the key factors you have to take into consideration, when valuing your treasure?

Quantity Is Key

Many different factors will affect the final figure, but one of the most crucial is the volume of scrap that you have to process. The larger the quantity, the more bargaining power you have when it comes to selling your scrap to the experts. If you've been hoarding a lot of stuff over time, you may now be ready to sell it in bulk to a good dealer.

Quality Assessment

Much will depend on its quality, though. Hopefully your storage space has not been open to the elements and the metal won't be corroded in any way. If it's clean of rust and also free of any other attachments such as insulation, you're going to get a better price than if the dealer has to clean it off before passing it on.

Industry Fluctuations

Many different industries are looking for scrap metal and the demand can rise and fall according to different sectors. If the construction industry is in full swing, however, you may find that the price you will be offered for your scrap steel is a little higher.


Believe it or not, the time of year can have a bearing on the value of your scrap. During the more settled months there may be more demand for certain types of scrap due to recycling demand. You may find that aluminium, steel and copper are in greater demand in the summer.


Do bear in mind that your location will often elevate or reduce the amount you will be offered, as if you are fairly remote then transportation costs will factor into the marketplace.

International Demand

Finally, remember that the scrap metal industry is global in nature and demand from growing countries such as India and China may have a bearing on the price that you will be offered locally.

Making the Calculations

As you can see, there are many factors affecting the amount of cash you will realise at the end of your big cleanup. Have a word with experts in scrap metal dealing, to find out how you will fare.