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Hello! My name is Erin and this is my new energy and environmental care blog. I am a big believer in the responsibility of man to care for the environment. For too long, human beings have brought decay and destruction to the natural world. When I finally moved out of my parent's house last year, the first thing I wanted to do was to make sure my new home was an environmentally friendly as it could be. I called in a contractor who helped me to assess the quality of the soil, to install solar panels and to carry out an energy assessment rating on the property. Since then, my bills have fallen and my carbon footprint has shrunken in size. I learnt a lot during this process which I would like to share here.


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Solar Energy, Soil Improvement and Environmental Protection

Five Safety Devices All Offices Need

by Maurice Ruiz

When you are conducting work on a building site or a production area, there are many devices that you might need to have nearby. However, offices are generally considered to be safe environments where things like hard hats and safety boots are not required. Nonetheless, all offices need certain safety systems and devices in order to make them places where administrative staff can work safely. If you are setting up an office or are considering what you need to do to make yours safer, then read on to discover the top five safety devices needed today.

Smoke Detectors

An essential item in all homes, smoke detectors are just as crucial in offices. They should be installed throughout a building in order to sound an alarm if smoke particles are detected. In many cases of fire, it is the smoke that is generated that causes the most harm to people — not the fire itself. Smoke detectors should be fitted in all rooms that people work in, as well as in key areas, such as stairwells.

First Aid Kits

First aid is something that is administered prior to the arrival of medical professionals, like paramedics. Many offices have a kitchen where hot items are handled, like kettles. If an accident happens, then it is essential to have a first aid kit that is accessible to members of staff. When items are taken from a first aid kit, such as bandages, then they must be replaced to make sure that everything that might be needed is always available.

Fire Extinguishers

In the event of a fire — something that can happen in any office — it is necessary for employees to be able to take action themselves before the emergency services arrive. Fire blankets are often used in professional kitchens, but fire extinguishers are preferable for most office situations. There are six classes of fire extinguisher in Australia, and Class A is the most usual type for offices because these extinguishers are designed to handle fires fuelled by paper and plastics.

Information Signage

Displaying safety information clearly is important for all office managers to take on board. Sending information by email won't do if the power cuts out in an emergency. Safety information should be put onto clearly printed wall charts which can be purchased from many professional makers. Emergency exit routes should also be clearly way-marked with effective signage, as well.

Pass Entry Systems

These days, keeping offices safe means restricting access to unauthorised people. If you want to make sure offices are safe environments, then a simple pass entry system, or one which uses a code that you can change from time to time, is the perfect way of restricting access to proper persons only.